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Happy New Year to all our customers. We wish you all the best for the days and years to come.

Love Is In The Air, Wax In Your Ears

Feb 3, 2021 – Feb 14, 2021

Special 10 pound off appointments for those with and without Valentine's.

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Best practice guidelines on carrying out earwax removal by microsuction is being adhered to.

PPE is used by all staff members. Patients are verbally screened before visiting and regular temperature checks of staff and patients is being carried out.

We will do our utmost to keep your experience...

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Earwax Microsuction and removal appointments are available all weekend. We are an essential service and all PPE as recommended is being used. Please call or book in using the online booking form


We are continuing to see customers and patients during the lockdown. We are following all recommended PPE procedures. Customers are asked to wear masks at all time. Call or book today.


Earwax Microsuction and Earwax Removal are essential services. We have appointments everyday morning and evening. Call today or use our online booking form.


Earwax Microsuction appointments are essential services and all appointments are welcome to be booked in. We have appointments everyday. Call in or book online.



a month ago
A really professional service. Very quick and clean. Procedure was fully explained and Dr Hasan talked me through it all. Would recommend to others.
- Shabnam K
3 months ago
I called the Ear Dr on behalf of someone who had been suffering from problems in his ears for 5 months! He had a swishing noise in his ears. I called and was offered a same day appointment and the price was extremely reasonable. I went to the shop where the person works today and he was so happy! He told me that his wax had been removed and he could hear again. He was over the moon and gave so many thanks both to me and to the Ear Dr. He said that Hassan was such a nice man and he just feels so much better now. He was almost in tears and my heart was so happy that such a little thing as a google search and a phone call had helped this man. Thank you so much Ear Dr . I will definitely be recommending you to others with any kind of ear problem. In this current time, to be seen so quickly is amazing!
- Ayeisha K
3 weeks ago
I actually visited on Christmas Day in 2019 but I am leaving a review now as a friend of mine needed to use the same service and I gladly recommended this place to her. I remember I was in excruciating pain with my ears being blocked and the NHS palmed me off and didn’t even take me seriously - instead they told me to use warm oil in my ears to help unblock them (which is false - it doesn’t work and only hardens the wax, causing more pain). My brother previously used this service and I was a little reluctant to come at first because I was so nervous. I arrived and even to this day I can’t forget how lovely the place smelt, it was so clean and tidy and Dr Hassan was extremely professional and accommodating to me as I was so nervous. He explained the entire procedure to me and was really nice and respectful, he said it may be a little painful but I experienced no pain - maybe some slight discomfort but that was because of the wax not the procedure itself. In terms of cost - it was the...
- Sumyya H

Earwax Microsuction & Hearing Aids

Earwax Microsuction
Private ear wax removal by microsuction is the cleanest, fastest and safest way to remove impacted earwax in blocked and waxy ears. The procedure takes 20 minutes and results are instant. Ear wax removal by microsuction involves the insertion of a microtip or Zoellner tube into the External Auditory Meatus (ear canal), along with a sterile plastic canula. Suction is then used and the compacted wax is pulled out of the ear canal. 

Olive Oil Or Hydrogen Peroxide?
Lubrication by the use of olive oil is recommended. Olive oil used 2-4 times daily can help lubricate the ear canal a day before microsuction. We recommend patients that have persistent ear wax or cerumen to use olive oil drops once a fortnight. 

Special branded products and hydrogen peroxide have no real benefit over using clean olive oil ear spray. Avoid using infused olive oils such as garlic or chilli. A spray or pippete is the best method to insert this into the ear canal.

Microsuction Is The 'Gold Standard'
At Ear Doctor we only recommend the gold standard of wax removal. We only use microsuction and no other method of earwax removal is used. Some general practitioners are currently not providing services for wax removal or forcing patients to use olive oil drops for over three weeks before removing by water syringing if done at all. 

Ear wax removal by microsuction is the only method we practice to remove excessive and impacted ear wax. NHS GP surgeries have stopped syringing ears currently in Greater Manchester, Stockport, Altrincham, Sale and within Cheshire. Services have been moved into the hospital and waiting lists are getting longer. Ear Doctor offers same day appointments by home visit or in one of our branches in south Manchester. 

Benefits Of Microsuction
Syringing if done incorrectly can lead to perforations and damage to the eardrum. The chance of this happening while visualising the eardrum is very low during microsuction. Microsuction always removes deep, compacted or impacted wax. There is little chance of causing ear infections. There is also less chance of vertigo or dizziness with Microsuction and it can be performed on a perforated ear. 

Our Earwax Expert
Hassan Karim MA BSC (Hons) has over 10 years experience in the field and is able to work with both adults and children. Hassan has worked in the NHS as an Audiologist and furthered his career in Dubai, UAE where he initially learnt microsuction and earwax removal under supervision of an ear, nose and throat consultant. He has an understanding of all diagnostic tests for hearing and balance including but not limited to Acoustic Brainstem Responses, all forms of balance tests, Pure Tone Audiometry, Tympanometry and Acoustic reflexes.

Reviews And Feedback
Many of our patients and customers give great reviews and satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We welcome your feedback and are willing and able to fulfill any reasonable request.

Are usually on the same day. We carry out a home visit service as well. Free hearing assessments are available after wax removal and a range of ear protection and hearing aids can be purchased. We cover all of Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Do not hesitate to call today for free advice and solutions to help with your hearing, impacted earwax and tinnitus.

Hearing Aids and Ear Protection
Hearing aids are available from GN resound, Oticon, Starkey and Phonak. The most upto date models are used at industry beating prices. All hearing aids are set up using Insitu Audiometry or a real ear measurement. All hearing aid types are used including Behind the ear (BTE), receiver in the ear (RIE)and custom in the canal models such as an ITC,CIC and IIC  

Protective earmoulds for noise are available on request. Swimplugs and sleeplugs can be ordered in many different colours.

Hearing Assessments
We can carry out a range of hearing tests that include pure tone audiometry, speech testing and tympanometry. Reports can be issued on request. 

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